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Civic Voice is the national charity for the civic movement in England. We make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive. We promote civic pride.

The Civic Voice Design Awards give communities the opportunity to nominate and recognise well-designed new buildings, heritage and public realm projects in their local area. They were introduced in 2014 following a vote by Civic Voice members to demonstrate that civic societies and other community groups will accept new development when it responds positively to the local area.

Max Farrell, chair of the Civic Voice Design Awards judging panel said;


“The design of the building or scheme is just one part of the story. What matters just as much is how it was developed. The award winners each reflect many of the aims and ambitions of Civic Voice - a commitment to placemaking through a collaborative approach pulling the public, private and voluntary sector together. The Civic Voice Design Awards are showing that communities do not just want to stand at the side and complain, they want to get involved and shape the places they live in.”

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